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21st Jan 2024

Dublin Ladies footballers call for ceasefire in Palestine before league opener

Simon Kelly

“We want our voices to be heard.”

The Dublin Ladies football team called for a ceasefire in Palestine before opening the league season against Kerry on Saturday night.

During the national anthem in Parnell Park, the team gathered to unfurl a banner which read ‘SOS COGADH SA PHALAISTÍN’ which translates to ‘Ceasefire in Palestine’.

The banner refers to the bombardment by Israel in Gaza which has killed over 24,000 Palestinians, including around 10,000 children.

Dublin Ladies footballers call for Palestine ceasefire before league opener

As well as their show of solidarity on the pitch, a statement was also released by the Dublin Ladies team, saying they are “taking a stand” on the issue.

The statement read: “We, members of the Dublin Senior Ladies Football Team and Management feel strongly about taking a stand on the issue of an Immediate Ceasefire in Palestine.

“As we have watch events unfold in the region on our screens every day for the past 106 days, we have been greatly disturbed and saddened. Almost 25,000 lives have been lost, 70% of whom are women, children and young adolescents, while more than 20,000 babies have been born into a living hell.

“A staggering 85% of the population have now been displaced while all the hospitals have been destroyed in Gaza.

“We are privileged to represent this great city of Dublin, however with that great privilege comes a great responsibility to do the right thing. We want our voices to be heard. So, we are taking this opportunity to plead with the key influencers and decision makers.

“Please do all in your power to help bring a ceasefire and end to hostilities in the Gaza region.

“Ní neart go cur le chéile.”

Speaking after the game, Dublin manager Mick Bohan revealed that the statement of solidarity was conceived by the team during the week, noting that it was an ‘apolitical statement’.

Speaking to FM 104, he said: “It’s matter of not remaining silent because that’s when you become part of the problem. In fairness to the group, they decided they wanted to make a statement to sportspeople.

“Obviously women and children are the most inflicted in Palestine, so rather than staying silent … and obviously it’s an apolitical statement but it’s a human rights issue.”

Kerry ran out winners of the match on Saturday night, hitting 1-8 to Dublin’s 0-6, with Emma Dineen striking 1-3 to make sure the Kingdom were victorious in the opening round of the Lidl National Football League Division 1.

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