Adrian Rabiot's mother clashing in the stand with the Pogba family as French fall-out continues 2 years ago

Adrian Rabiot's mother clashing in the stand with the Pogba family as French fall-out continues

She clashed with a number of players' families during France's match with Switzerland

Adrien Rabiot's mother was not taking any prisoners as she watched her son's side crash out of the European Championships, starting arguments with the families of Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe.


According to French news broadcaster RMC Sport, tensions between the families watching in the stadium in Bucharest started when Veronique Rabiot - the mother and former agent of Adrien - and people close to her exchanged words with the Pogba family.

Veronique was unhappy with Pogba for losing the ball in the lead up to Switzerland's dramatic late equaliser. The mother asked the midfielder's family how Pogba could lose the ball like that, causing an argument between the two camps.

And Veronique wasn't finished there either.

At the full time whistle she turned her attention to Mbappe and his family, asking the forward's family if he could tell his son to be less arrogant. She also began criticising some of the journalists nearby for the way they were apparently sucking up to the PSG player.


Unsurprisingly, this didn't go down too well with Kylian's family, with an aggressive exchange of words taking place between Veronique and Mbappe's parents.

Rabiot's mother apparently clashed with several families for around 20 minutes as they all watched on in Bucharest, with France crashing out on penalties in a huge shock.


Other families there said that they were shocked by Veronique's attitude and the timing of her outburst. Tensions had apparently surfaced early in the game as well, with security reportedly having to tell the Paul Pogba camp to calm down as they reacted angrily to Adrien Rabiot's mistakes.

Hope they weren't all getting the same bus back to the hotel after the game...