"If you can just do your bit, it could change everything" 4 months ago

"If you can just do your bit, it could change everything"

From Sonia O'Sullivan in Sydney to Katie Taylor in London.

It hasn't historically been as easy for female sportspeople to find female role models but some special ones broke through the wall.

Louise Quinn remembers a TV being wheeled into her class in 2000 to watch the Sydney Games and a woman from Ireland walk away unsatisfied at silver. That was inspiring.

She remembers Katie Taylor going one better at the Olympics and conquering the world.

Seven years later, Quinn is a hero herself. An international player, a Super League champion, a class pundit and a 20x20 ambassador.

In a new instalment for 20x20's Hero Your Hero campaign, Quinn details the effect her role models had on her and how she takes that position as seriously now.

"When Katie Taylor was boxing in London, I remember that so vividly," she said.

"The belief that that kind of dream could come true.

"I think I'm definitely conscious of being a role model now. If you can just do your bit, it could change everything."

After an impressive summer where Quinn emerged as one of the best analysts on RTÉ's coverage of the Women's World Cup, the Ireland captain returns to Arsenal to begin a defence of their league title. Alongside Katie McCabe, the pair have already inspired young footballers all over the island that they too could be starring on championship-winning sides.

Taylor watched O'Sullivan, Quinn watched Taylor and now everyone is watching Quinn.