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13th Mar 2016

WATCH: Steph Curry is so good he doesn’t even need to look where he’s shooting anymore

Conan Doherty

Steph Curry is out of control.

35 points was a bang average return from the man who is making us rethink everything we thought possible about sport.

The Golden State Warriors came from behind again to win again inspired by Curry again. A 123-116 win over the Phoenix Suns last night stretched the NBA champions’ ridiculous season record to 59-6 and their ludicrous point guard was up to all sorts of craziness once more.

He’s become so connected with the basketball court that he doesn’t even need too look anymore to see where his shots are landing. Yep, he throws up three-pointers and he knows they’re good. He is one with the hoop.

The man is just getting more and more freak-like.

Just the night before, he was making us dizzy with an indescribable crossover.

His team mates don’t even need to watch anymore either. They know when Curry has the ball – three-point range or not – it is a basket. Simple as that. And their celebrations before he even shoots don’t put him off one bit.

So you’d think the tactic would be to keep him in his own half. Let him have it there. He can’t score from there.

Think again.

We’re witnessing an outlier, ladies and gentlemen. We may never see this like again. Enjoy it. Appreciate it.