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20th Nov 2015

VIDEO: Just the 40 points for Steph Curry last night who says, “I’ve got to play better”


Conan Doherty

“I’ve got to play better.”

Better than who? Better for what?

Whatever Steph Curry is preparing for, it isn’t in this world anyway.

The Golden State Warriors are out of control. It’s almost akin to that scene in Cool Runnings when the Jamaicans are absolutely flying through the course because their brakes have come loose. It’s amazing to watch but, by God, it’s hard to believe they’ve got a handle on this momentum.

After 12 victories on the trot, the NBA champions found themselves 23 points behind to the LA Clippers on Thursday night. Hardly a tall order for a seemingly unstoppable outfit and a certain Mr Curry though.

The MVP was at it again. And, when we say at it, scoring 40 points as he led the comeback in quite spectacular fashion.

Curry helped the Warriors to their 13th straight win of the season, still undefeated, and, with what was his fourth game in a row amassing over 30 individual points, the 27-year-old’s legend continues to grow.

Think he’s good? He’s not so impressed.

We’re going to teach our kids how to- oh…

If you need reminding about how mediocre your own sporting accomplishments are, here’s one man playing without limitation. Without restriction. Without flaw.