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26th Jun 2023

Craig Doyle, Bill Murray and John Goodman feature in brilliant London Series baseball interview

Patrick McCarry

Craig Doyle

Fair play to the presenter for going wherever the Hollywood star was leading him.

Bill Murray delivered a mad-cap eight minutes of television, on Sunday, as he appeared with Craig Doyle on the BT Sport coverage of the MLB’s London Series.

Major League Baseball sides Chicago Cubs and St Louis Cardinals split a two-game series, played out at West Ham’s stadium, over Saturday and Sunday, and drew big crowds in the process.

While Cardinals fan John Goodman was the special guest, on Saturday, lifelong Cubs fan Bill Murray was invited on to Sunday’s BT broadcast. With the 2022/23 rugby season now wrapped, and not overly taxed from his This Morning hosting stint, Irish presenter Craig Doyle had fun hosting the series coverage.

There was one great exchange between Doyle and Murray as the Hollywood star discussed how he can to support the Cubs. “I was baptised a Cubs fan,” he remarked.

BILL MURRAY: Well, the Cubs did not win a [World Series] championship for 108 years. That’s like a war in your country!

CRAIG DOYLE: No, we like to go 600-years, plus, Bill, to be fair!

BILL MURRAY: You’re right. In this country [England], they like to fight for 100 years at a pop. But we went 108 years and, when we finally did win, the had the second largest celebration in history, five million people came to Chicago to walk around in circles and say, ‘It happened. It finally happened’.”

Craig Doyle did brilliantly, throughout a manic eight minutes, to just let Bill Murray go far, far off script and wander wherever he pleased, while somehow keeping the interview going.

There was a surprise cameo from John Goodman, Murray and Doyle vaulting over corporate boxes, caps and baseballs being flung into the crowd and a rousing rendition of Sweet Caroline. Do yourself a favour and watch the madness unfold here:

As for the game itself, the Cubs lost 7-5 to the Cardinals after leaking seven runs between the second and fifth innings.

The Cubs head back home to Chicago where they host the Phillies in back-to-back games at Wrigley Field, this Wednesday and Thursday.

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