QUIZ: Name every World Cup top scorer since 1966 4 months ago

QUIZ: Name every World Cup top scorer since 1966

Quiz time

In 1966, England won the World Cup. They never really mention it.


Since then, there's been another 13 of them in the men's game. Now, we're testing your knowledge of the players who have scored the most goals at each of those tournaments.

Nowadays, it's known as the Golden Boot. For a time before that, it was called the Golden Shoe. Before that, there was no golden footwear whatsoever, and it was just 'top scorer'.

Anyway, we're after the names of the players who scored the most goals in every World Cup since (and including) the one England won in 1966.

You'll notice that the 1994 award was shared by two players. Because we're generous, you only need one of the names to get the point.


We've also helped by providing the nationalities of each top scorer next to their respective World Cup.

We'd expect you to be getting at least ten, here.

Good luck.


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