Jose Mourinho on the reason why Manchester United won't sack him 4 years ago

Jose Mourinho on the reason why Manchester United won't sack him

If Jose Mourinho is worried, he's doing a tremendous job of hiding it.

Mourinho had every reason to be pleased with Manchester United's ship-steadying victory over Burnley on Sunday afternoon and he moved to put the rumours of a rift with Ed Woodward to rest by dedicating the win to the club's executive vice-chairman.


But even after United's humiliating defeat to Spurs six days earlier, Mourinho stood defiant and claimed that "from a tactical point of view, we didn't lose."

The Red Devils boss appears comfortable with the stability of his position and while he remains one of the favourites to be the first Premier League manager sacked this season, Mourinho doesn't think it will come to that.

"They say I’m in danger, but I don’t think it," Mourinho told Italian outlet, La Repubblica, on Sunday.


"If they send me away, do you have any idea how much money they would have to give me?"

The Portuguese praised supporters for making his week a lot easier but maintained his brash stance on the media.

Mourinho claimed that several reporters had been hoping for United's losing streak to continue so that they would have more to write about.

"I think some of you must be disappointed because it would be much better if we lose," Mourinho said. "But I think the performance was very good and very good since the first ball we touched."


Mourinho is currently contracted to United until 2020 and for the club to part ways with him, the Times report that it would cost in the region of £15 million.

It appears that the only way for Mourinho to leave would be for him to walk.

Either that or things will have to get much, much worse at Old Trafford.