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03rd Dec 2016

Watch: George North unbelievably remains on the pitch after suffering sickening head collision

Sean McMahon

The Welsh star has a history of head injuries.

Leicester Tigers have come away with a victory in the big East Midlands Derby as they beat Northampton Saints 19-11 at Vicarage Road.

Unfortunately the game was marred by a serious incident, where Saints and Wales winger George North, was involved in a nasty collision with Tigers winger, Adam Thompstone.

After 16 minutes of the first half, North was running after a kick-chase when the ball bounced favourably for the Welshman and he jumped into the air in an attempt to catch the ball.

However, there was reckless play from Thompstone, who took the player out in the air by leading with his shoulder.

North was clearly knocked unconscious as we can see from the images below – once his head made contact with the ground, his whole body went limp.




North went off for a head injury assessment (HIA) and returned to the fray just moments later.

After the game, Saint’s head-coach, Jim Mallinder, told BT Sport that North was not knocked unconscious.

 “If you get knocked out you can’t go back on,” he told BT Sport. “He wasn’t knocked out, he was fine.”

There are medical professionals employed by the club who are in a better place to make these decisions, but surely when a player’s head makes such a heavy impact with the ground and that player’s body goes completely limp – then that player should not return for another 60+ minutes of action.

Especially a player who has such a history with head injuries.

This reaction wasn’t lost on us and people went to twitter to vent their anger at this decision.

World Rugby has raised awareness around concussion in recent years and we are really pleased to see the strides that have been made in the game over the last decade or so.

However, none of that positive work matters if the powers at be continue to put player’s well-being at risk.

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