Irish viewers miss start of Six Nations game because of TV3 ads 2 years ago

Irish viewers miss start of Six Nations game because of TV3 ads

TV3's Six Nations coverage got off to a rough start.

Is there anything more frustrating than someone trying to sell you shit while you're trying to watch something?

Finally finding that YouTube video you've been racking your brain to find will inevitably be followed by an ad delaying your viewing pleasure. However, once the internet sales pitch is over, you always get to watch your selected clip from the beginning.

It's rare that an advertisement actually causes you to miss what you're watching. When you watch a movie in the cinema, the trailers come before the film begins - never during the opening scene. Those YouTube ads precede the video. In television, the ads usually air during the intervals of the game.


The spotlight shone on TV3's coverage of the 2018 Six Nations has been blinding so far. For so long, viewers have been accustomed to seeing RTE show them their beloved rugby games. So unsurprisingly, the transition to be accepted as the official broadcaster of the oval-balled game was always going to be a tough one.

One way to ease this process would to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. No fuck-ups, no errors, no making a balls of anything. If you don't give the haters any reason to give out, then everything should go swimmingly.


Unfortunately, they fucked up. Viewers tuning in to the tournament opener between Wales and Scotland were left very disappointed when they missed the first 20 seconds of the game. Instead, they were forced to endure ads.

The reaction was, predictably, one of rage.