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16th Feb 2015

VIDEO: Grenoble’s new defensive scheme involves novel technique of hand-holding

The French should have done this on Saturday

Kevin McGillicuddy

We’d love to see Paul O’Connell and Sean O’Brien try this out

Rugby coaches are always looking for that added edge to get their team any kind of advantage. We’re always told about the fine margins and how the room to innovate is so small. Well Bernard Jackman and his coaches at Grenoble seem to have come up with ingenious scare/defensive tactic in the Top 14 which might just work.

It involves some of their bigger and more monstrous men not cutting players in half from the knees down but rather holding hands to form a human chain as a means of preventing line-breaks. We think it looks pretty good and we can’t wait to see Mike Ross and Devin Toner holding hands against the English at the Aviva.

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