Sean O'Brien's giddiness at getting cleared to play is absolutely class 5 years ago

Sean O'Brien's giddiness at getting cleared to play is absolutely class

We don't know if Sean O'Brien and James Haskell were friends before the Lions tour of New Zealand, but the pair have got on like a house on fire so far.

O'Brien has been rooming with Haskell since the start of the tour, and the pair's consistent Instagram postings have been keeping us updated on their antics down under.


One thing we're not sure of is who is the bigger child of the two? If it's not O'Brien teaching Haskell the lyrics to an Irish Classic, the pair are messing around in their room like a pair of giddy ten-year-olds after being let loose in a playground.

Exhibit A.


Enough said, really.

When the Carlow man learned of his citing late on Saturday night that looked like it would rule him out of the final defining test against the All Blacks, he was undoubtedly, like all Lions followers, put into a bad humour.

When he found out that he was cleared to play on Sunday morning, his mood obviously took an upturn and fellow flanker Haskell's Instagram story gauged the mood perfectly.


"Back from the dead, eh, thought you were out of it boss but you're free," beamed Haskell.

"Innocent free and ready to roll," replied a giddy Carlow man.

"I should've paid that citing commissioner more and I might've got a game," remarked the English man.

Great banter from the lads.


The Tullow Tank is rearing for the Final Test and in his own words he's "innocent, free and ready to take on Queenstown."

New Zealand better watch their bloody backs.

We're loving it lads, keep them coming.