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06th Feb 2016

PIC: Shane Byrne’s epic farmer’s tan may very well have scared half of South Africa this morning

That is a man lacking some Vitamin D

Kevin McGillicuddy

Irish people and sunshine don’t generally mix.

So naturally when we got to warmer, sunnier climes, our pasty Irish skin is exposed to something we’re not terribly accustomed to on this rock in the Atlantic.

It’s OK to be the whitest person at the pool on day one of your holiday if you’re willing to get that all-over tan you desire by the end of your two weeks in Magaluf.

But the one thing no Irish person should ever be found guilty of is a crime that we’re accusing, and convicting, former Ireland hooker Shane Byrne of this morning.

The ex-Leinster man is featuring in a rugby tournament in South Africa this weekend, so he may have a bit of a job trying to sort out his viewing schedule for the Six Nations games over the next 24 hours or so.

But of more pressing concern should be sorting out his milk bottle skin, that may very well scare the locals in his cut-off shirt.

Shane, as befits a former professional, takes his hydration seriously, but the picture drew a very smart and sharp comment from  a certain former team-mate.

But Byrne wasn’t going to let the offense to his Irish arms go without a reply.

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