A nation says thank you to Tommy Bowe 5 years ago

A nation says thank you to Tommy Bowe

Bowe gathers, Bowe gathers... Bowe gathers.



Most rugby players could only dream of carving out a career and making memories like Tommy Bowe did.

The Ulster Rugby icon has announced his retirement from the game he lit up with electrifying brilliance and the sport lost a little bit of its soul in the process.

Tommy Bowe has been a servant of Ulster, a galactico of Ospreys and even a superstar of Ireland and, every time his body permitted him to, he inspired men, women and children with raw pace, unnerving bravery and devilish craft.


At the end of the season though, Tommy Bowe will play his last game of rugby but his impact will live on.

And on.


Naturally, he was congratulated and thanked for everything he had done for the game and his respective teams.


From the fresh face and bleached tips to the animal who'd run over any machine for a shortcut.


Thanks, Tommy.

But people in Monaghan are not done with him yet.

Finally, an answer.