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08th Nov 2014

8 essential tips for bluffing your way through the national anthem

Sinne Fianna Fái.... ata.... amhrán na bhfiann!

Patrick McCarry

Ireland go into the November internationals with five players who qualify due to playing here for at least three years. This month, many of those players will face a challenge that has managed to flummox most of the country for almost a century – learning and reciting Amhrán na bhFiann.

Richardt Strauss did a sterling job of learning ‘The Soldier’s Song’ in 2012 so he may be the first port of call for the likes of Jared Payne and Rodney Ah You. Here are some other tips that should get them from A to B with a few fada’s in between.

1. Don’t let Gaillimh catch you coasting

Mick Galwey and Peter Stringer and Ronan O'Gara ahead of Ireland's match with Scotland in 2000.

2. Let your emotions run free, as free as The Bull

3. Flag-facing is optional

Damien Duff in Estonia in 2011.

4. Stand near this…

Kerry team stand for the National Anthem 1/9/2013

5. If in doubt, holler your head off

6. Whatever you do, avoid advice from Argentine tenor Marcelo Zelada

7. Have whatever these chaps ordered for breakfast

Andrea Masi, Martin Castrogiovanni and Sergio Parisse sing the Italian national anthem.

8. Like Christina Aguilera, don’t let the lyrics get in the way of a good yelp