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16th Mar 2016

David Pocock’s mum embarrasses the life out of him on Wallabies Facebook page

Ah Mum!

Patrick McCarry

Parents never stop being proud of their children, no matter how old they get or how many beastly turnovers they make.

We are often guilty of marvelling too loudly and frequently at the frankly amazing antics of David Pocock.

For example, the Wallabies and Brumbies back-row busted his nose up on Saturday, was off the pitch receiving treatment for 10 minutes and returned to make a turnover with ONE BLOODY ARM!

If we are in awe of the 27-year-old, imagine how his mum, Jean Pocock feels.

Last night, Jean took a golden opportunity to let the world know how great her son is, on and off the rugby pitch.

On the Wallabies Facebook page, a picture was posted of Pocock scrambling a turnover. The caption read ‘Finish this sentence: David Pocock is a… ‘

Here is the gushing reply, which garnered a heap of likes:

My darling first born son who has a soft heart and is genuinely a wonderful son! Caring, encouraging, loving … And doesn’t mind being teased for being a “mummy’s boy” I think he’s making up for being such a challenge as a baby who didn’t seem to need much sleep and a toddler who’s first words were “NO” and “I DO IT!” #strongwilledchild#beautfulson


In other Pocock news, he has signed on with the Brumbies until the end of the 2019 World Cup.

The new deal includes the 12-month study sabbatical, which we flagged earlier this year.

That means Pocock is definitely off to Europe late this year. Every major European rugby club will be on alert.