Confused about rugby's new tackle directives? Well let Wayne Barnes clear it all up for you 6 years ago

Confused about rugby's new tackle directives? Well let Wayne Barnes clear it all up for you

Wayne Barnes runs through a number of examples here.

We have only had one round of fixtures so far where rugby's new tackle directives have been implemented (or not) by referees.


The whole issue surrounding the high tackle has dominated the headlines recently especially as players, fans and management alike attempt to get to grips with the new sanctions associated with the high tackle.

It is something that World Rugby has had to look at due to the ever increasing controversy surrounding concussion.

Unfortunately, like with any new law alteration, there will be a settling in period whereby there will be a bit of inconsistency surrounding its implementation.


There was a raft of high tackle incidents during the weekends PRO12 action which a lot of us would have seen but the Premiership was also littered with the same problems.

Wayne Barnes was a guest on BT Sport's Rugby Tonight during the week and he broke each incident down for the viewer.

Barnes explains clearly and concisely a number of incidents and gives reasons why referees distributed a variety of sanctions.


For example in the below GIF, you can see Wasps' Christian Wade dish out a high tackle on the opposition player.

It is by no means a reckless challenge, just one of those which can often happen when you are chasing a player down.

Barnes offer the following explanation:


"That's clearly a penalty, he's gone over the top and he's made contact with the head. But everyone who has watched that game doesn't think that's a yellow card, we have to have a bit of common sense as referees and we have to understand what players are trying to do. He's got that slightly wrong, he's made a bit of contact, there is not a lot of force, penalty should have been given, it wasn't but nothing more."

Barnes runs through a number of other examples in the clip below which is definitely well worth a watch.

It's a great bit of insight from Barnes which really helps clear up the vagueness surrounding the tackle area which some fans may experience.