WATCH: Brian O'Driscoll brilliantly recreates the 'Ash Splash' 7 years ago

WATCH: Brian O'Driscoll brilliantly recreates the 'Ash Splash'

Brian O'Driscoll loves players who bring something extraordinary to the game.

The former Leinster and Ireland legend delivered an impassioned defence of Chris Ashton on BT Sports' Rugby Tonight.


O'Driscoll has long since nailed his colours to the mast on the English winger - take the attitude and big hits as long as he keeps delivering stunning scores and game-changing moments.

Ashton was in top form, again, at the weekend as he helped Sarries to the Champions Cup semi-finals.

Chris Ashton celebrates his try 17/1/2015

Ashton does tries. It is in his blood. Whatever the place, time and circumstance, he usually delivers.


Having missed out on the Six Nations due to suspension - for a dangerous tackle on Luke Marshall - this was another reminder of Ashton's undoubted class. O'Driscoll said:

"Ashton is the most selfless player I know.

"He may not be popular in parts of this country, but he would be very popular amongst his team-mates."

That type of description will be music to the ears of England coach Eddie Jones.


As well as delivering a defence-splitting masterclass and registering 108 on the show's 'Smash-o-meter', O'Driscoll also paid the ultimate tribute to Ashton.

Still got it?


The athleticism is there, no doubt, but perhaps hanging onto the ball is the best way to go.