11 times Sean O'Brien won Instagram 3 years ago

11 times Sean O'Brien won Instagram

There's a lot of reasons why we'll miss the Lions tour when it concludes on Saturday.

The stellar rugby, getting to see four (three) nations play together, and most of all seeing Sean O'Brien and James Haskell being best buddies.

The pair have been in fine form both on and off the pitch and have developed an unlikely friendship.

Whether it be O'Brien teaching Haskell the lyrics to a Richie Kavanagh classic or the two being giddy that the Irish international wouldn't be banned for the final Test against New Zealand.

O'Brien's Instagram stories have been brilliant since landing in the Southern Hemisphere but his social media game has been on point long before that.

Here are 10 times he won Instagram.

James Haskell is a sheep

How happy his nephew is in his new Lions kit

Teaching Peter O'Mahony's dog to swim

Dirty Dancing with Conor Murray

Living up to his reputation of being a farmer

Balin balin hay hay

Nighttime reading

The time he wrapped his silage in pink for breast cancer awareness

The time he went to bed with a man of the match and Six Nations  medal

When he wanted to hang out with Dan Bilzerian

And... his second ever Instagram post