The SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 10 1 month ago

The SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 10

Your favourite weekly Friday quiz.

It's Friday, which means it's the last workday of the week, which means you are on the tipping edge of the weekend, which means you need a quiz to help you get through it.


Thankfully for you, such a quiz exists, it exists because we made it for you. Through sweat, blood, tears, and over exaggerating our workload, we have came through.

This quiz will test your knowledge on all of the big sporting events that occurred at the weekend, and a few historical questions too, just to keep you sharp.

If you fancy yourself as an expert in Premier League history, then this could very well eve the quiz for you.


Hopefully you watched all of the GAA last weekend very closely, otherwise there is at least five questions you will definitely get wrong.

Good luck!

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