QUIZ: Can you name these goalkeepers from the last World Cup? 1 year ago

QUIZ: Can you name these goalkeepers from the last World Cup?

Brought to you by STAYPure.

How well do you know your keepers?

Goalkeepers are the last line of defence, the ones who can't hide when things go wrong. Being a goalkeeper means that you're nearly always going to be a hero or a villain.

Perhaps the best case scenario for many keepers is if no one notices them during a game. With the World Cup in full flow, we thought we'd test that theory and see just how well you remember your goalkeepers from the 2014 World Cup.

Do you remember this guy, for instance?

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It may only be four years since Brazil 2014 but only real football fans are likely to get 12/12 in this quiz.

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Brought to you by STAYPure.