UFC starlet Justin Scoggins is receiving a lot of criticism for his reaction to botched weight cut 6 years ago

UFC starlet Justin Scoggins is receiving a lot of criticism for his reaction to botched weight cut

John Scoggins was touted as the future of the flyweight division, but after missing weight for UFC 201, it looks like his future may be in the bantamweight division.

The 24-year-old was pulled from his scheduled bout against Ian McCall on Saturday due to weight-cutting issues.


McCall, who was set to return to the Octagon after an 18-month absence, received his fight purse and win bonus for making weight, despite not fighting on the night.

Scoggins was unable to make the 125 lb limit in time for weigh-ins, with his father Chris claiming that he couldn't drop below 132.5 lb before hitting the scale.

Although, he didn't blame anyone for his inability to make weight, Scoggins criticised 'Uncle Creepy' on Twitter for taking the money and walking as opposed to accepting another fight on the card.

Some fans were disappointed with Scoggins' reaction, but the fighter did not back down, maintaining that McCall should have stood up and fought.


Fellow flyweight rising star Louis Smolka has spoken out against Scoggins' behaviour in an interview with Flocombat. The Hawaiian was expecting to face either Wilson Reis or the winner of McCall vs Scoggins in his next trip to the Octagon, but now he feels that one of those options is now off the table following what transpired last week.

"Scoggins needs to like figure his life out dude. The biggest insult to me is that his saying that its all Ian's fault because Ian doesn't want to fight him at 135lbs. He's the one that broke the contract, this fight is on you - it's your fault. "

"He's the one that needs to man-up and take it on the chin. Make the weight, do what you gotta do and just try being a professional. He said he could make the weight and he didn't do it. Cut and dry that is what it is, I'm baffled by his behaviour."

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