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12th Nov 2018

Riot police called in as all hell breaks loose following disqualification at Moscow event

It all kicked off

Darragh Murphy

It all kicked off at ACB 90 over the weekend.

There was plenty of bad blood between Georgi Karakhanyan and Tumir Nagibin in the build-up to their clash in Moscow on Saturday and the hostility shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Karakhanyan came away with the win but it didn’t come in the way that anyone wanted as his hand was raised following the disqualification of Nagibin.

Nagibin landed a clean punch to Karakhanyan after the bell at the end of the opening round after taking umbrage with Karakhanyan’s claim that he felt a tap from a guillotine choke.

Referee Herb Dean could clearly be heard asking: “Did he tap?” before all hell broke loose at the 6.30 mark of the below video.

A lengthy delay followed Nagibin’s punch as the officials tried to work out what to do. It was decided that a DQ was the only way to deal with the incident.

Unseemly scenes followed as Nagibin made his way back to his dressing room as he was allegedly set upon by fans of Karakhanyan.

Fights also broke out in the stands as supporters of both competitors clashed but riot police quickly intervened to put an end to the chaos.

Russian outlet RT report that ACB intend to set up a rematch between Karakhanyan and Nagibin next year in order to settle the score.