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20th Jul 2017

Comebacks don’t come much crazier than this fighter who came back from literal unconsciousness

You have to see it to believe it

Darragh Murphy

This is just insane.

So many questions need to be asked of the ACB 64 co-main event on Wednesday night in which Nashkho Galaev was tasked with taking on Denis Mutsnek.

If ever a fight could be described as a tale of two rounds, this is it.

Galaev couldn’t have looked more done for in the opening frame, when he found himself caught in the tightest of guillotine chokes from his opponent, who was cranking on his neck from mount against the fence.

Galaev was going nowhere so seemingly tapped. Why didn’t the referee stop it? (Question 1)

With the fight continuing for some bizarre reason and Mutsnek allowed to keep cranking, Galaev clearly went to sleep. The official checked for resistance in Galaev’s wrist, which was obviously limp. Why didn’t the referee stop it then? (Question 2)

The touch on his wrist seemingly woke Galaev up from his siesta and he started fighting the submission again. How is that even possible? (Question 3)

And after getting his wits back about him and taking a breath in between rounds, Galaev did the unimaginable and somehow managed to score a walk-off knockout victory in the second round with a knee that could not have been more perfectly timed. Is Galaev even human? (Question 4)

Fighters are made from different stuff in Russia, it would seem.


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