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22nd Oct 2017

Norman Parke punched by rival cornerman following controversial No Contest

It all kicked off

Ben Kiely

Norman Parke

The beef between Norman Parke and Mateusz Gamrot wasn’t settled at KSW Dublin.

The first time Norman Parke and Mateusz Gamrot fought each other, a heated rivalry was born.

Gamrot ended up taking a unanimous decision against the Bushmills native at the KSW Colosseum event in Poland, but the fight wasn’t without its controversy. Although all three judges scored the fight in favour of ‘Gamer,’ many thought Parke had done enough to win.

Also, there was the finger-biting incident. The bout was brought to halt when Parke’s fingers were bitten in an exchange on the ground. Gamrot claimed Parke put his fingers in his mouth and that the bite was accidental.

There were two fouls in the first round of the rematch in Dublin on Sunday night. Both were committed by Gamrot.

Parke had to take two breathers in the opening stanza. The first came after a thunderous groin strike, the second was because of an eye-poke. The predominately Polish crowd drowned Parke in a sea of boos both times. The first round was evenly-matched aside from the fouls, with Gamrot opting to remain standing.

A technical boxing dual ensued in the second frame with both fighters landing some heavy shots. As both began swinging for the fences towards the latter stages of the round, the referee stopped the fight when Gamrot sunk his finger into Parke’s eye for the second time.

Parke crumbled to the ground in agony.

The confusion inside the cage was compounded by a scuffle that broke out in the crowd. As security came to keep the peace in the stands, it all kicked off inside the cage.

Parke was visibly furious about the illegal blow, but was unable to continue. The fight was called off and will go down as a No Contest. If it had lasted just a few seconds longer until the end of the round, they would have gone to the judges’ scorecards.

In the madness of it all, one of Gamrot’s cornermen landed a punch on Parke. Both men were dragged back to opposite sides of the fence to control the damage.

That’s one win for Gamrot, one No Contest…. so, round three?