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18th Mar 2023

MMA fighters surprise crowd by kissing at face-off and flashing their breasts



That’s one way to get the crowd on your side

Two female MMA fighters left crowds stunned ahead of their recent fight and again in the aftermath, as they passionately kissed and then removed their clothes.

While the pre-fight face-offs are usually an opportunity for fighters to attempt to intimidate each other, these two competitors decided to go with a different approach at the Clash of the Stars event last Saturday.

Karina Pedro and her opponent Denisa Ryndova, two OnlyFans stars, were up against each other in a tag team MMA match, alongside their partners and fellow OnlyFans models Inked Dory and Kristal Shine.

As the pair came face to face at the pre-fight face-off, Denisa decided a stare down wasn’t quite enough for the capacity crowd – and leaned in for a kiss.

Unbothered by her opponent’s tactics, Karina then grabbed Denisa’s head and kissed her back.

The antics didn’t stop there, though. On the night of the fight things took another turn, as two of the competitors flashed their breasts at the crowd on the way into the octagon. That’s certainly one way to get the fans on your side.

Following the fight, Denisa took to Instagram, saying the kiss between herself and Karina was the most memorable moment of the whole experience.

Sharing a clip, she wrote “Somehow I didn’t realise that Clash of the Stars is already over. I’ll throw here my favourite moment of this whole crazy journey.”

Karina also posted the footage to social media, adding “This is pure fire. I had to throw it here too. Harmonious energy flowed between us and still we struggled in the cage like dragons.”

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