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28th Dec 2017

John Kavanagh adds his voice to condemnation of absolutely ridiculous MMA fight


Patrick McCarry

Gabi Garcia is determined to go ahead with this fight on New Years’ Eve and the RIZIN FF authorities are not for stopping her.

Even before a completely farcical weigh in, on Thursday in Japan, the Brazilian was taking flak for her decision to fight a woman 21 years her senior.

Garcia, a seven-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion, is scheduled to face 53-year-old Shinobu Kandori at the two-day RIZIN event.

This comes a year after she recorded a T.K.O win over 50-year-old Japanese MMA star Yumiko Hotta. Garcia’s last RIZIN contest was back in July and lasted only 16 seconds. She poked her opponent in the eye and while it was deemed accidental, the bout was declared a No Contest, leaving her at 4-0-1 in MMA.

Garcia weighed in for the fight on Thursday but missed weight by a mile. She tipped the scale at just under 237lbs, missing weight by 27lbs. Kandori was far from impressed and heckled the Brazilian before storming off the stage.

Yes, that is someone dressed as a giant pot of noodles in the background.

Here’s how it all played out.

Kandori weighed in at 162lbs. That means Garcia, two days out from the fight, weighs 75lbs more than her opponent.

Needless to say, Garcia missing weight by so much led to a barrage of comments, with Irish MMA coach John Kavanagh leading the way:

The fight may still not go ahead but, as of now, it has not been officially cancelled.

The two may still face off but not as part of the Grand Prix competition, as was originally envisioned.