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23rd Feb 2016

Joe Rogan’s analysis of Kimbo Slice v Dada 5000 was as harsh as you’d expect

Not a fan

Ben Kiely

So you weren’t a fan of Bellator 149’s co-main event then, Joe?

The UFC colour commentator let loose on arguably the worst fight in MMA history between Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 on Sunday’s “Fight Companion” podcast. Rogan claimed that putting on gimmicky fights such as this is a bad idea for Bellator and fears the promotion’s credibility took a massive knock following Bellator 149.

“I think, eventually, they’ve got to let all that go. They can’t keep doing those. They should stop. This is the last one. If they keep doing it they’re going to lose credibility. There’s a lot of things they need to do.”

Bellator 149’s co-main was widely considered to be one of, if not the worst 17-odd minutes in the short history of the sport. After a somewhat explosive start, it became apparent that neither fighters’ cardio was up to scratch which resulted in a serious drop in standard the more fatigued the “athletes” became. Rogan reckons Bellator didn’t envisage this being a problem.

“I don’t think [Bellator] thought that was going to be as bad as it was. I don’t think anybody would have anticipated those guys would have gassed like that. That was the worst gassing in the history of gassing.”

“Dada just didn’t have enough gas. I kind of get that he wants to fight legitimately and he’s got to take that paycheck, but I just wish he had a real strength and conditioning coach or trainer. But we’re here talking about him. He got that. He made some money.”

After being “knocked out by Slice, Dada 5000 was stretchered out of the cage and brought to hospital where it was discovered that his heart had stopped. Rogan wasn’t very sympathetic about the fighter going into a critical condition and hinted that it never would have happened if he had prepared properly for the bout.

“Yea, his heart stopped. It was filled with cheeseburgers and fried chicken and orange soda. He didn’t train. There was no way he trained. I mean, he might have trained for a couple of days.”

Despite winning the bout via knockout, Slice’s performance was way poorer than Rogan anticipated. He believes Slice’s skill-set isn’t even at an amateur level.

“How about Kimbo? What the fuck was going on with him? That wasn’t even amateur hour. Really? If it was an amateur fight you’d be champing at the bit to fight those guys. ‘I hope they’re in my bracket.’

“All you have to do is dance around for a few minutes and they’re toast. How about that one exchange where Dada just lay down and Kimbo just rolled over on top of him. There was no takedown. I wonder if they were talking to each other. ‘You want to take this to the ground, homie?'”