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02nd Aug 2017

Gabi Garcia’s fight-ending foul left its gruesome mark on her opponent’s eye

Warning: graphic

Ben Kiely

Gabi Garcia

If ever you needed proof that taking one of Gabi Garcia’s muscular fingers to the eye wouldn’t be the most pleasant experience, look no further.

10x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Gabi Garcia made it two No Contests in two fights last month with both bouts ending because of fouls she committed.

Earlier in July, Garcia annihilated her much smaller and much older opponent Megumi Yabushita with an illegal soccer kick. She was well on her way to scoring an emphatic victory over the 45-year-old, but the contest won’t go down in the win column because of the foul.

At the weekend, we saw something unusual. Garcia actually took on someone who wasn’t at a massive weight disadvantage when she faced former boxer Oksana Gagloeva, who made her professional MMA debut.

However, the bout ended before it ever really began. In the very first exchange, Garcia’s fingers went straight into her opponent’s eye socket and that was all she wrote. Another July fight for Garcia, another No Contest.

Garcia labelled Gagloeva a coward for not wanting to continue the fight, but after seeing the damage that was done to her eye, it’s hard to blame her for being unable to carry on.