Conor McGregor crossed the line with post-fight comments on Jolie Poirier 11 months ago

Conor McGregor crossed the line with post-fight comments on Jolie Poirier

Appalling comments.

If one were in a forgiving mood, one could argue that Conor McGregor was not in his right mind when he made the comments to Jolie Poirier.


Given what he said, and tweeted, in the build-up to the trilogy-closing fight with Dustin Poirier, one could argue back that it was in keeping with a recent, grim rhetoric.

Conor McGregor vs. Jolie Poirier was an odd sub-plot to UFC 264 that no-one needed. The Dubliner took shots at Poirier and Jolie, his wife, as he sought to avenge his January loss to the American.

There is bad blood over a promised donation of ยข500,000 to 'The Good Fight Foundation', which is run by Jolie Poirier and championed by Dustin. Poirier went public, earlier this year, after there was a delay in the payment being made. In the end, McGregor donated that sum to a different children's charity in Louisiana.


Even if there were legitimate concerns, from both sides, McGregor went too far in the lead-up to UFC 264 by making personal and sexual comments about Poirier's wife.

He followed that up by bringing up Jolie Poirier on several occasions in the pre-fight press conference. Dustin Poirier kept his cool, before the fight, but later said how crass and upsetting the comments had been.

As for McGregor, he unloaded another horrendous barrage at Jolie Poirier after his lower tibia [shinbone] fracture saw him lose to Poirier.


"Your wife is in my DMs! Hey baby, hit me back up. I'll chat to you later on!

"I'll be at your after-party. The Wynn nightclub. You look in bits, ya little ho!"

Firing disgusting comments at a fighter's wife just after you were defeated in a fair contest. It was a low moment on an unfortunate night for 'The Notorious'.

All some could possibly say, in defence of McGregor, was that he could still have been in shock after sustaining such a gruesome injury. Only an apology from McGregor could, in some way, make up for what was such a bad look on the man.

Jolie Poirier answers back


As for Jolie Poirier, she had her own way of responding to McGregor's comments as she left The Octagon to go celebrate with her husband and his team.

"My wife is solid as a rock," Poirier said in his post-fight presser. "I don't worry on that."

Informed, later, of McGregor's comments, UFC President Dana White said, "That's something you don't do... Leave the wives and families out of it"


A night of the highest drama at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas.