One of the greatest MMA documentaries ever made is available to watch on Netflix right now 4 years ago

One of the greatest MMA documentaries ever made is available to watch on Netflix right now

Cat Zingano's Religion of Sports is such a powerful tale of humanity that it transcends its niche setting.

When Senna came out in theatres, the instant reaction from a lot of people was one of ignorance. "Formula One? That's not really my thing. I'll probably give that a miss."


For those who are completely disinterested in motorsports, it was an understandable reactionary stance. However, there was so much more to that story than a guy who drives a car really fast. Ayrton Senna's quest for greatness, the troubles he faced on his journey and ultimately, the tragedy that struck him can be universally appreciated.

The same can be said of Alpha & Omega, episode three, season one of the Religion of Sports docuseries that's available to watch on Netflix right now.

Cat Zingano

At its essence, Alpha & Omega is a comeback story. It follows MMA star Cat Zingano as she prepares for her return bout from her first professional loss. The blockbuster UFC 200 event is the destination, but those of you who have followed her career will know that the journey was outrageously tough filled with devastation and tragedy.


If you know nothing about Zingano, this is the perfect introduction. If you go into this with zero knowledge about its subject matter, we can guarantee you will be blown away. Even if it doesn't make you a fan of 'Alpha Cat' the fighter, you will definitely have a newfound respect for Cat Zingano, the single Mom whose motivation to fight every day is her son Braydon.

This deeply intimate movie showcases how strong the human spirit can be in the times when it is tested most.  It is not only the stand-out MMA documentary of 2017 (it only hit Irish Netflix this year), it is up there with the very best in the genre. It may surpass classics such as Choke and the Smashing Machine because of its ability to connect with a more mainstream audience.

Show this to the non-MMA fan in your life and kindly pick the jaw up off the floor once it's over.