Ruby Walsh on why he always eats McDonald's over Supermac's 4 years ago

Ruby Walsh on why he always eats McDonald's over Supermac's

"At the moment, I'm probably eating 4,500 calories [a day]. Sorry, Ruby. Ruby doesn't eat that a week!"


John Muldoon wouldn't have to worry too much about the perceived intricacies that has Ruby Walsh choosing McDonald's over Supermac's but not everyone is able to burn off as many calories as the Connacht legend.

Speaking at a special SportsJOE Live at the Galway Races, Muldoon explained his eating habits around pre-season but it was the jockey's insights that were most fascinating.

Walsh aims to stay around the 10 stone mark and, to do that, he obviously has to watch his eating. He doesn't worry too much if he delves into the dark corners of the fast food world - as long as it's the right fast food.

"I eat twice a day, simple as," Walsh explained on the show brought to you by Lottoland.

"I have done that for years, I'd have lunch and dinner.

"I ate once today but I had McDonald's last night on the way home."

That prompted John Muldoon to pipe up on behalf of his Galway brethren.

"You're in Galway now - Supermac's."

But that's something that Ruby Walsh feels strongly about.


"No. No. Supermac's is heavy," he said even as the crowds started to boo his thoughts on their beloved Supermac's.

"It is, I'm telling you now. This is fact - Supermac's is heavy, McDonald's is light.

"There's nothing in McDonald's - McDonald's is light."

And, when a heckler took exception to this viewpoint, Walsh responded with a brilliant put-down.

"I can see you can't close the button on your shirt - you should've been going to McDonald's instead of Supermac's."

Watch the full chat on Mudoon and Walsh's diets from 40:13 below.