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07th Apr 2015

Vine: Further proof that Miguel Angel Jimenez is cooler than cool

The Malaga Mechanic's famous stretching routine is back

Neil Treacy

The glass of red is surely just out of shot?

The undisputed coolest man on the planet, Miguel Angel Jiminez, is well-known for his shameless stretching routine, showing no signs of embarrassment as he wriggles his 51-year-old body in every direction he can.

And the famous warm-up was out in full-force at Augusta this morning, either that or Jiminez was doing his best mime of somebody going to the jacks.

Cigar in mouth and popping a squat, Jiminez then begins to walk around in a ridiculous squatting motion, laughing at himself all the while.

What’s cooler than being cool? Miguel Angel Jiminez.

In case you’ve never seen it, here’s the routine in full. It can only be done while smoking a cigar, mind you.