Paul Dunne has been speaking about the idiot who shouted 'potato' during The Open 6 years ago

Paul Dunne has been speaking about the idiot who shouted 'potato' during The Open

We still think the guy's an idiot.

Irish amateur Paul Dunne was on RTE 2FM's Game On sports show this evening, speaking about his heroics at last weekend's Open Championship.


The Greystones amateur went into the final day on 12 under, after three fantastic rounds of 69, 69, and 66, but was unable to keep up his brilliant form, finishing on 7 under.

However, the 22 year old still put in a excellent performance, and received a well deserved rapturous round of applause on the 18th at St Andrews. The only sour note, if any for Dunne, was an idiot who thought it'd be hilarious to shout "potato", in British comedian Keith Lemon's accent, as the golfer steadied himself to take a shot.

Unsurprisingly, no-one else found it funny, and it even annoyed world middleweight boxing champion Andy Lee to to the extent that the Limerick man said he'd: "like to meet that fella who shouted before Dunne's chip and knock him straight out!"

However, it appears Dunne doesn't let such things bother him, saying: "that (the incident) was blown a bit out of proportion. He shouted when I was over the ball, but I just backed off and then hit it."

"It was a bad shot, but it wasn't like it was his fault."

Paul's maintaining a mature attitude, but we still think the spectator was an idiot.

Dunne also revealed that his next tournament will likely be the European Amateur Championship, and he plans to turn pro the day after the Walker Cup in September.


You can listen to all of Dunne's interview here: