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Open Championship spectator captures Irish audience because... GAA
Pride of the parish

Did you spot the Carlow GAA fan at the final round of the Open?

If you're not a fan of the good walk spoiled you may have missed the gentleman who was wearing the famous green, red and yellow (delightful combination!) jersey on the 15th green.

That being said, you probably would not have avoided it for long.

Had you not tuned into the live broadcast of the Open Championship, you probably would have seen it on Twitter. If you're not a fan of the 140 characters or less social media platform, you may have seen it crop up on your Facebook feed or in a group chat. If you're not a big Facebooker, WhatsApp probably would have been the delivery system.

For anyone else, the friendless weirdos, social media pariahs or those of you who just aren't all that fond of the GAA or golf, you've come to the right place.

Here's that Carlow GAA fan in all his glory. He was the talk of Irish Twitter users for a while.



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