Never miss a shot of this year's US Masters with brilliant new feature 2 years ago

Never miss a shot of this year's US Masters with brilliant new feature

The game has changed.

For as long as golf exists, the complaints and grievances have been upsides.

It really has been a win-lose for broadcasters as no matter who or what they air, they'll be criticised for not showing enough of somebody else.

Show too much of Tiger and they'll be accused of ignorance but miss one of his shots and then they'll be told they don't have a notion.

Well the year is 2019, the competition is the biggest of the lot - the US Masters - and it looks like the wonders of modern day technology has finally solved golf's most exclusive problem.

The presence of numerous different golfers on various different holes was previously deemed a bridge too far, but thanks to the US Masters' website and app's new feature, the player tracker, you can now watch every shot from every player this week.

Yes, this is not a fantasy world.


The coverage of shots will be uploaded as soon as five minutes after being hit and by searching for any golfer in the bar up on the top corner of the screen, you can look back on their whole round of golf.

For fanatics and followers of players who may not be given major air-time on Sky Sports' or on BBC's coverage, this is a brilliant breakthrough which will allow you to keep up to date with absolutely everything.

Sky Sports have exclusive coverage of the first two days of the golf from Georgia while BBC will be joining the party for the weekend. The Irish golfers are in action early on Thursday, with Shane Lowry having already teed off.

Tell you one thing, there won't be much work done this weekend.