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06th Apr 2018

Car crashes into John Daly’s van at Augusta branch of Hooters

Patrick McCarry

Some action away from the Masters, at Augusta.

Former Open and US PGA champion John Daly set up camp, this week, at the Augusta branch of the famous Hooters bar and restaurant.

‘Wild Thing’, who had a best ever Masters finish of third in 1993, was on hand near the famous golf course in Georgia to meet golf fans in town for the big event.

All was going swimmingly until, according to the Golf Channel, a car travelling down Washington Road lost control and “whaled” into his RV [Recreational Van] bus and did some sizeable damage. The driver was attempting to make a U-turn when she lost control of her car.

Daly, who was selling merchandise at the time, reportedly injured his knee in the incident. Anna Cladakis, his fianceé, commented:

“It whaled into the front of the bus. John dove out of the way, he tweaked his knee.”

The five-time PGA Tour winner was treated by medics soon after but is set to go in for scans to judge if any serious damage has been done.


Reporter Liz Owens from local, Georgia channel WRDW was on hand to get some footage of the aftermath.

Cladakis said Daly was still hoping to compete in a PGA Champions Tour event in Duluth next week.