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08th Apr 2015

Graeme McDowell has close encounter with poisonous viper at US Masters

He's okay folks

Patrick McCarry

This is what happens when you stray near the ‘Out of Bounds’ ropes at Augusta National.

Graeme McDowell is preparing for a tilt at the Masters’ green blazer and will tee off, on Thursday, with American hopefuls Brooks Kopka and Matt Kuchar.

G-Mac is happy to still be with us at all after he had a run-in with a Cottonmouth snake [Agkistrodon piscivorus] just off the 13th fairway.

The Portrush golfer did the right thing upon encountering the snake, which is part of the pit viper family. That is, he took an Instagram snap and high-tailed it back to the manicured fairways.

Cottonmouth snakes deliver poisonous bites that can be potentially fatal.

Best keep it on the fairways, as much as possible, this week Graeme.