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11th Jun 2024

Padraig Harrington inducted into World Golf Hall of Fame

Callum Boyle

Padraig Harrington

Harrington was one of two living inductees into the Hall of Fame

Padraig Harrington wrote himself into the history books after being inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame on Monday night.

The Dubliner was one of only two living inductees present alongside 19-time LPGA winner Sandra Palmer at the ceremony in North Carolina.

Harrington had an incredible career that saw him three majors and play in six Ryder Cup tournaments and upon receiving the recognition, admitted it gave him a “deep sense of satisfaction and validation”.

“As a player you get inducted into the hall of fame based on your golf results. So yes, I won three majors, numerous events around the world, I played six Ryder Cups, and that’s what gets you in the hall of fame. But there is a story behind it. So what’s my story?

“I loved the fact it was never meant to be a fair game. It was always meant to be a test of skill and mental fortitude. I loved the rules; I loved the etiquette; I loved the competition. Probably ultimately, I loved the meritocracy of it, that you’re out there on your own, no one else decides your fate, and it’s up to you to get it done.”

‘I can say Ronan won me the 2007 Open Championship’

As modest as ever, Harrington refused to take all the credit for his Hall of Fame induction and instead decided to pay tribute to his caddie Ronan Flood, claiming he wouldn’t have won the 2007 Open Championship without his help.

He said: “People often ask if caddies really make a difference, and categorically I can say Ronan won me the 2007 Open Championship.

“On the 72nd hole, after I hit my second hole in the water, it was the first and only time I’ve ever been on the golf course where I felt embarrassed, where I wanted to give up. I really thought I’d thrown away the Open.

“However Ronan stuck to his guns and started into the cliches: ‘It’s not over yet’, ‘one shot at a time’, and so on.

“But we kept walking, he kept doing his job, and he got in my head. As I walked up to take my penalty drop and by the time I played my fifth shot, I hit it like a teenager. I was right back in the zone.”

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