Dustin Johnson says cocaine was not the reason for his break from golf 6 years ago

Dustin Johnson says cocaine was not the reason for his break from golf

The Ryder Cup star tells Sports Illustrated 'he doesn't have a problem' when it comes to cocaine.

The normally sedate world of golf was rocked last July when it was announced that Dustin Johnson, then ranked in the world top 10, was taking taking a break to deal with 'some personal challenges'.


Soon Golf Magazine reported that Johnson had been banned for six months after testing positive for cocaine in a drug test. The PGA never confirmed that and always said that it was a voluntary break from the game by the golfer.

Now, almost six months on, Johnson has spoken to Sports Illustrated about his decision to take time off. "I did not have a problem," Johnson said when asked about cocaine. "It's just something I'm not going to get into. I have issues. But that's not the issue."

Johnson didn't attend rehab but he did employ some people, such as a life coach, to help him manage the stress of professional golf.

"My way of getting rid of it was drinking or partying. Yeah, that might work for that day or the next week, but eventually everything keeps piling up."

Johnson admits to not drinking vodka - his drink of choice (Grey Goose, Soda and Lime to be precise) - for months now but again he said it wasn't a problem. "I don't miss waking up with a hangover, and I didn't drink very often. It was just when I did it was a little too much."

The interview also reveals that Johnson will return to action at Torrey Pines on February 5 or at Pebble Beach a week later.