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26th Sep 2016

Dublin boss launches stinging LGFA rebuke after phantom point proves costly

Strong words from Gregory McGonigle

Patrick McCarry

Dublin will know they let this one get away but they can also be justified in asking the replay question.

On Sunday, Hawkeye was plugged out and rested up for next weekend’s Men’s Senior Football replay between Dublin and Mayo.

It sat redundant as Carla Rowe slotted over a point from a narrow angle before she was bundled to the ground. The umpire waved it a wide and few raised an eyebrow – Dublin were guilty of 10 more in the first half.

Then the replay was shown and everyone knew – Rowe’s effort should have been rewarded with a point.

We knew then, we knew at half-time. Dublin should have led by two at the break.

We all hoped it would not finish with the narrowest of winning margins; that the phantom point would not be a talking point.

It was.

It is.

Carla Rowe dejected 25/9/2016

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association had made a decision, through its central council, earlier this year to not make Hawk Eye scoring technology available ‘in order to have a level playing field for all teams playing on all fields throughout the country’.

Dublin had to stand on the pitch as Ciara O’Sullivan climbed the Hogan Stand steps, gave them credit and raised the All-Ireland. Cork had won their sixth in a row. It is a shame that their 11th All-Ireland triumph in 12 years had to be won like this.

Dublin boss Gregory McGonigle spoke on behalf of a devastated team after the rolling celebrations headed off the Croke Park pitch and rumbled towards the Cork dressing room. He told RTE:

“It comes down to an equality issue. If this was Dublin versus Mayo… we wouldn’t be taking about [the missed point].”

McGonigle continued, “We continue to let down our players… We shouldn’t let a girl of 19 years of age go through that when it wouldn’t happen in the male game.

“We talk about being serious about [the sport] but we don’t give our players use of technology.” 

McGonigle said all avenues regarding a replay appeal will be explored.

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