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15th Nov 2018

Ulster Council offering amazing value for this Sunday’s Ulster club double-header

Michael Corry

ulster club

By Sunday evening we will know the two teams who will battle it out on December 2 for the Seamus McFerran Cup.

The 2018 Ulster club semi finals throw up a couple of interesting ties as Crossmaglen Rangers go to the well once more against Donegal’s Gaoth Dobhair, whilst Monaghan champions, Scotstown face off against Eoghan Rua of Derry.

The four teams have no reason to fear each other given their respective pedigrees and each one will be confident that come December 2 they will be crowned Ulster champions.

ulster club


It really is an intriguing battle between four top quality sides, and the Ulster Council have taken the very smart approach of making Sunday’s semi finals a double header in Omagh’s Healy Park.

First up at 1.30pm is the match-up of Scotstown and Eoghan Rua.

The Monaghan champions have been here before, this is the fourth Ulster club campaign in a row for this group of players. However, despite their experience, they have yet to get over the finish line, having lost the 2015 final to Crossmaglen after extra time.

Overall, the Monaghan club have an extremely rich tradition having won the Seamus McFerran cup on four occasions.

Eoghan Rua collected just their second Derry championship crown last month after a hard fought victory over Lavey.


Their only previous appearance in the Ulster club came in 2010 when they suffered a heavy defeat to Burren, and whilst they may not possess the Ulster winning pedigree that their opponents do, they will be buoyed by dumping Slaughtneil out of the Derry championship, a side who were heavily fancied to win their third Ulster title on the spin this season.

This one should come down to a kick of the ball.

ulster club

Following this at 3.30pm is the eagerly anticipated tie between Crossmaglen Rangers and Gaoth Dobhair.

The 11 time champions are back in the spotlight after relinquishing their Armagh crown for a couple of years. Whilst many believe that ‘Cross’ aren’t the team of old, the fact is that you can never write them off when it comes to winning championships. They may well be in transition, but they managed to win an All-Ireland in transition a few years ago.

ulster club

Gaoth Dobhair came through an extremely competitive Donegal championship and are viewed as many people’s favourites to go all the way this year in Ulster. The experience of the McGee brothers and Kevin Cassidy coupled with the industrious talent that is Odhran MacNiallais makes them a real force to be reckoned with. Crossmaglen Rangers will have a tough task on their hands if they are to overturn this lot.

Crossmaglen Rangers vs Gaoth Dobhair will also be televised live on TG4.

ulster club

Two cracking games, between four brilliant sides. Fans are sure to flock to Healy Park on Sunday to take in what is sure to be a fantastic occasion for Ulster football.

The Ulster Council must be commended; not only for their decision to make this weekend a double-header, but also their asking price. Fans can view both games on Sunday for just £13, whilst students can get in for £10.

Now that is some amazing value for money. If you are anywhere near Omagh this weekend, you don’t want to be missing this one.