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31st Jul 2023

Strange moment on The Sunday Game when Tomas O’Se disagrees with Player of the Year selection

Lee Costello

Tomas O'Se

“I think we actually got the decision wrong.”

There was a strange moment on The Sunday Game when Tomás Ó Sé was asked to reveal the Player of the Year, but he wanted it known that he disagreed with it.

At the end of every season, The Sunday Game panel pick their Team of the year, and Player of the Year, separate from the All-Stars that will be selected in a few months time.

Going into the game Cormac Costello and David Clifford were the two front-runners for the accolade, but neither performed to their best in the final.

James McCarthy had a brilliant year and made history by winning his ninth All-Ireland title, although he too wasn’t at the peak of his powers against Kerry.

“It was a very difficult decision, I think we actually got the decision wrong,” O Sé.

“I got a text a while ago from Pat Gilroy during the show to smile, he thought I was too serious altogether, so I got a laugh out of that.

“It came down to two players, James McCarthy and David Clifford, and we gave the Footballer of the Year, I have no issues with it – well on a personal level, I think the best footballer throughout the whole season… I think today James didn’t have his best day at the office, he won’t be too pushed about that, neither will any Dub be too pushed about it.

“Obviously there’s a lot of votes that go around, my personal vote was David Clifford but James McCarthy got the nod as Player of the Year.”

Paul Flynn wanted James McCarthy to win

Paul Flynn, who played with McCarthy in the great Dublin side that won six-in-a-row, thought that his old colleague was fully deserving of the accolade.

“The one added thing, like not only did he perform at the highest level all season, you can guarantee that he got 10% at least out of every player that played with him this year, and that adds to it.

“It’s not all about what they do on the pitch, it’s what they do to bring others into the game and he walks the walk every day, and I’m chuffed for him”

“He’s Dublin’s greatest,” added Lee Keegan.

Ó Sé was happy to agree on Keegan’s point and made it clear that he was always a fan of McCarthy, and that the Ballymun star is deftly the county’s best ever.

“He is, and I’ve been one of his greatest fans, he is the greatest Dublin footballer of all time, bar none.”

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