"The GAA does not take a position" 5 years ago

"The GAA does not take a position"

The GAA has issued a statement to remind the public that it is a non-party organisation.

With the referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment set for Friday 25 May, a group called GAA Athletes for a NO Vote appeared at Ballyfermot Sports and Fitness Centre to talk to the press and read an official statement on the matter that is naturally bringing the country to a standstill, if not a standoff.


Mickey Harte and four other high-profile GAA figures, including Meath legend Joe Sheridan, gave a skills lesson to local children before campaigning on the referendum.

Speaking to the Irish Times at the event at the event, Harte gave his reasons for his stance on a NO vote.

"It’s a question of stating what you believe and to me it’s a straight vote between a culture of death and a culture of life.

"It is dehumanising what is happening."

The event led to criticism of the personalities for bringing the GAA into the debate and the GAA club in Ballyfermot also issued a statement of their own to distance themselves from the matter.


On Monday afternoon, the GAA moved to officially clarify that whatever political stances individuals take, they are not reflective of the GAA.

In a brief statement, the organisation accepted that its members could have their own views but the GAA cannot and will not.

'The GAA is a non-party organisation whose individual members may, of course, decide to take positions on political issues in accordance with their own personal views and commitments. As an Association, however, the GAA does not take a position, or comment in any way, on either elections or referenda.'