The GAA Hour | "You're not fooling anybody - stop doing it" 11 months ago

The GAA Hour | "You're not fooling anybody - stop doing it"

"What if three lads want to be the humble one?"

Nobody is against GAA players cleaning up after themselves, rather the new culture of making sure it's recorded for a 10-second clip of floor-sweeping so the world can be shown how class that person or that club is.

On The GAA Hour, Colm Parkinson and Conan Doherty discussed what the cynic would suggest is manufactured humbleness.

"One fella on Twitter replied back to me and said ‘lads are going to start bringing sweeping brushes in their gear bag just to show that they're humble'," Parkinson said.

"It's not looking like it's dying down but let the message go out, you're not fooling anybody. Stop doing it."

Or just do it but don't tell us. Or do it but don't video it.

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