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13th Apr 2023

Shane Curran on why New York and Leitrim missed so many penalties

Lee Costello

New York Leitrim

“The rules weren’t generally followed.” 

New York famously won their first Connacht championship match last weekend when they beat Leitrim on penalties, but both sides missed most of their spot kicks.

Former Roscommon goalkeeper Shane Curran has an explanation as to why so many of the shots didn’t seem to find the back of the net.

It wasn’t down to technique, accuracy, or anything like that – but instead it was more about both goalkeepers taking advantage of a certain rule, and that’s why it finished with a low-scoring 2-0 in favour of the American side.

New York Leitrim

On the latest episode of the GAA Hour podcast, Curran gives a detailed explanation on what it’s like trying to save a penalty, New York’s success, and what Leitrim need to do next.

“When you’re a goalkeeper, really all of the pressure is on the player taking them. Really it’s an opportunity to be a hero and I don’t think the rules were generally followed, because the goalkeepers were nearly out in the penalty spots for some of the saves. 

“I’m not surprised so many of them were missed, but it’s a great story. Again, the Davey Burke story is a wonderful story for us (in Roscommon), and for Davey in particular, but on the flip side you’ve got an Andy Moran as well – he goes to New York, the first manager to lose to them, and he’s going to need support from his county board.

“For all the good things about New York, Shane Carthy, young Glynn from Galway, what they have is I think a number, if not, the number I may not have a right, but I think half a dozen to seven players of indigenous footballers now that are not Irish, they have come up through the New York system which is amazing.”

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