"I think we've become far more politically correct than we should be" - Curran hails Burke 5 months ago

"I think we've become far more politically correct than we should be" - Curran hails Burke

In Shane Curran, Davy Burke has a huge fan.

The Kildare man has made a fantastic start to life as Roscommon manager this year, finishing in third place in Division One before taking out Mayo on Sunday, in the first round of the Connacht championship.


Mayo were red-hot favourites coming into the MacHale Park showdown but Roscommon didn't care for reputations or predictions.

They ambushed Mayo with a display of heart, skill and tactical nous and, in the end, were good value for their four point win. After the game, as he did as Wicklow manager and as he has done with Roscommon so far this year, Burke spoke from the heart.

He spoke about targeting Easter Sunday since the very first day he met these Roscommon players. He talked about his, and their frustration at being written off and he even gave some tactical insights - speaking to Damian Lawlor about how they balance positivity with naivety. Roscommon pushed up on Mayo in the second half and in the below interview, Burke explained exactly why.


Roscommon legend Shane Curran was our guest pundit on the GAA Hour this week and the St Brigid's club-man was full of praise for Burke, for wearing his heart on his sleeve.

"I think in a time where managers and coaches are told to act and work in such a way, it's great to see somebody as refreshing as him on a sideline, that actually wears his heart on his bloody sleeve.

"And I think that has infused the team with energy and confidence.


"They're playing like a team that has a manager who believes in them."

"He has set down a few ground rules," added Cake.

"Over the last three or four years, there's probably been an underbelly of softness within the team.

"We've been beaten by Clare, poor in the championship by and large. He's dropped a few players now and again throughout the League, he's tested their psychological credentials and they've come back stronger, come back harder."


"The infusion of youth has helped the squad too," adds Curran.

"It's great to see the energy he has after the game too. He's looking forward to the Hyde being full for the next match, looking forward to the Galway game and that energy transmits to the players and the players pick off that.

"I'd love to see more of that in the GAA, I think we've become far more politically correct than we should do."


"I just like that bit of energy, that bit of honesty. I don't like this sort of stuff where everything is so banal and so anal nearly all the time really, with all the answers we get. And you're not really given any insight into the game.

"What he's bringing is incredible."

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