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12th Apr 2017

WATCH: Ronan O’Gara was absolutely merciless in slagging Colm Parkinson

You'd almost feel sorry for Wooly...

Patrick McCarry

Ronan O’Gara was in ruthless form.

The former Munster and Ireland outhalf has already formed a bond with Andy Reid on SportsJOE Live and both men seem to take an odd pleasure in taking a cut off host Colm Parkinson.

Last time out, O’Gara was in particularly playful form. Upon recalling his first time to ever encounter Kerry legend Colm Cooper on the GAA field, O’Gara chipped in:

O’Gara: “And in the pre-match meeting, did you know about him?”

Parkinson: “No.”

O’Gara: “No?”

Parkinson: “No.”

O’Gara: “So there was no analysis done?”

Parkinson: “Absolutely not.”

O’Gara: “That’s good analysis for a final.”

What then unfolded was some good, old-fashioned amateur versus professional slagging.

However, it was when Parkinson went to read out a John Heslin tweet in tribute to ‘The Gooch’ that things took a turn.

“If he wasn’t from Westmeath, would it be a really nice tweet?” O’Gara incredulously asked.

After a moment’s debate, Parkinson twigged something was up and said, “I’m from Laois buddy. Do you think I’m from Westmeath?”

“I do, yeah,” O’Gara replied. “I thought you were from Westmeath!”

Andy Reid absolutely loved it…

In fairness to Parkinson, the former Laois inter-county footballer handled the ribbing well and laughed along.

There was little sympathy, soon after, from O’Gara’s former Ireland teammate Brian O’Driscoll.

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