Henry Shefflin feels Richie Hogan's red card was 'harsh' 3 years ago

Henry Shefflin feels Richie Hogan's red card was 'harsh'

Kilkenny forward Richie Hogan was sent off for a high challenge on Tipperary defender Cathal Barrett during Sunday's All-Ireland final.

Kilkenny started off very strongly and shot out to a 0-08 to 0-03 lead before a Niall O'Meara goal and a Hogan red card saw the The Premier County come roaring back into the contest with a 1-09 to 0-11 point lead at the break.


Video replays show Hogan making clear contact with the head but Shefflin still feels it was harsh, even though he admitted that he may be biased.

"I know Richie well and he is not a good tackler," said Shefflin on The Sunday Game.

"I will say that from the outset and this wasn't a good tackle. I think Kilkenny were coming under a bit of pressure, Barrett got out in front, Richie went with his arm a little bit but my initial reaction was that it wasn't a red card.

"It was dangerous play but maybe a yellow card. I didn't think it was a red card. I think he's unlucky that his arm kind of strikes Cathal Barrett in the helmet. I think it's very dangeorus play but at the moment in time with the referee and linesman looking at it, I think it's a harsh call."


Fellow panelist and former Cork All-Ireland winner Donal Og Cusack disagreed.

"The rules are there for very dangerous play and that's a sending off. It's a red card. It's an elbow to the head."