Ranking every inter-county GAA jersey in order of deliciousness 5 years ago

Ranking every inter-county GAA jersey in order of deliciousness

DISCLAIMER: We tried to fit at least 20 jerseys into the top 10.

Don't take it personally, there were too many to choose from.


When fools are talking about actual football at this time of the year, we're talking about the only thing that really matters - the jerseys.

34 teams will partake in the inter-county hurling and football championships and every one of them - believe it or not - will be wearing kits. 32 of those will be branded by O'Neill's, one by Azzurri, one by Kukri.

In one of the toughest tasks ever known to SportsJOE, we tried to place each county's jersey in order from our least favourite to our favourite, with most of the pictures coming via the O'Neill's store.

This was not easy.


34. London


Like a 2004 club jersey.

33. Carlow



This might sound drastic but Carlow need to stop making GAA jerseys. Or at least stop with the red, green and yellow combo.

32. Limerick



Decent collar, nice sleeves. Nearly too much happening though.

31. Wicklow


Fearless design. Got timid with the crest et all and let down with an all-too-plain sponsor.

30. Fermanagh



Boring enough colour with some chaotically-placed stripes at the top half of the jersey. Bold badge on the sleeve that is working in fairness.

29. New York

New York

Shame about the crest at the back.

28. Laois

Laois new

Decent jersey that has handled a difficult sponsor well. Beautiful blue but pretty dated.

27. Louth


Nice kit that lost enthusiasm and had a clunky sponsor planted in the middle of it to deal with. Must try harder.

26. Clare


Words can't articulate how upsetting this jersey is. It should be the best. It is almost bloody gorgeous. But it deserves punished for the inexplicable spikes going through it. And that breaks our hearts.

25. Cork


Nice rig. Improvement.

24. Antrim


Antrim jerseys are getting better but the hoops going through this and the indecisive white strip do it no favours. Still grand.

23. Down

pageIt gets really competitive now.

22. Kerry


They've nailed it but you know what to expect from them now.

21. Kilkenny


It's nice. It fades well at the ends. It's a good jersey.

20. Offaly


This must be a new high for Offaly. They're ploughing through the jersey divisions now having spent too long in apathy.

19. Galway


Everything the Louth top could've been, without the colour and the more fortunate sponsor of course. Daring pinstripes lining through it. Lovely.

18. Wexford


Mouthwatering purple. Mouthwatering gold. Fine jersey.

17. Westmeath


Scrumptious. Had the checked design been limited to the sleeves, this would be near-perfect.

16. Derry


A richer red and a better neck and Derry would have an even lovelier piece of knitwear on their hands.

15. Longford


Big upgrade. Big kudos.

14. Armagh


Yes. They've been bold with their three stripes and it has worked. The right mixture of plain and daring with a beautiful combo of green on orange.

13. Kildare


It's just hard to stray from a plain, simple, lovely Kildare top.

12. Cavan


The colour, the pattern, the collar. Somebody hold me. Topped off with an Opt For Life logo at the back.

11. Leitrim


The nicest green of all the greens. We had this very low initially and it just kept growing on us.

10. Donegal


Have been playing above themselves of late in the jersey stakes. New sponsor, complete new design too some getting use to but the more you look at it though, the more you like it.

9. Waterford

Kevin Moran 8/2/2016

The first non-O'Neill's entry (there only are two). The Waterford geansaí is tasty but let down ever so slightly by its neck.

8. Tipperary


We've come to expect more from Tipperary.

7. Roscommon


If you opened this pinstriped bad boy from a gift-wrapping, you'd think someone gave you the best top in Ireland. Until you turned it around to look at that ridiculous map on the back. Map of the county and clubs but not needed on such a fine jersey.

6. Monaghan


It's like a world famous chef concocted this up with just the right amount of ingredients and blends. If chefs made jerseys, like.

5. Mayo


Arguably the best design of the lot.

4. Dublin


Pristine. But a downgrade. The navy lining replaced with white stripes takes away from its once menacing look.

3. Sligo


The Kukri make has done the Sligo people justice. Definitely the most unique kit of them all.

2. Tyrone


Balance. Mixes boldness with simplicity. Gorgeously tipped sleeves. Beautifully subtle stripes at either side of the kit. Extraordinarily simple.

1. Meath


Unbelievable. Saliva-inducing.

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